What is SkyMoon?

SkyMoon is a Binance Smart Chain based Token, with burn function, high security, low fees, fast transaction and eco friendly. Skymoon Cross-chain Asset Locked by Smart Contract. Data Security Safeguarded by Smart Chain.


A blockchain-based decentralised economy

SkyMoonis a Binance Smart Chain based Token, with burn function, high security, low fees, fast transaction and eco friendly. Skymoon Cross-chain Asset Locked by Smart Contract. Data Security Safeguarded by Binance Smart Chain. SkyMoon Token has a burn function, which means that over time, the number of tokens will decrease.

The concept of turning "authors contributions" into currency has proven its feasibility and capability as seen on with their up-voting and reward system respectively. SkyMoon has gone further to reward authors, readers and all contributors by turning "reads, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, views and listens" into SKM tokens that can be used for goods and services in our e-commerce store or exchanged for fiat currency.

Our Aim

Returning Value to the people

SkyMoon aims to support social media and online communities by returning much of its value to the people who provide valuable contributions in the areas of news, videos, project investigation and comments by rewarding them with cryptocurrency (SKM Tokens), and through this process, create a currency that is able to reach a broad market spectrum, including people who are yet to participate in any cryptocurrency economy.

Of the key principles used to guide the design of SkyMoon, the most important is that everyone who contributes to a venture should receive pro-rata ownership, payment, or debt from the venture. This is the same principle that is applied to all startups as they allocate shares at founding and during subsequent funding rounds.

Perfect Blockchain Solution

Giving Young People the power to take charge

The only way USA can solve its many problems is by giving its youth more opportunities to participate in the governance, economy, and society. It is safe to conclude that profit making drives online news media agencies.

To solve this problem, SkyMoon's Blockchain is a better solution because of its decentralized and easy processes.

We believe in our goal to return merits back to the user for the time they spend on social media. Based on a decentralized contribution-reward system, the SkyMoon coin (SKM) is a cryptocurrency reward token that returns the value created via contribution back to the source, namely the creators and curators of the network, thereby eliminating the middleman.

Rewards are attached to "reads, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, views and listens" and by creating or recognizing the value of content, all participants get a fair share of the reward pool.

Attention is the asset of all businesses, and social media companies are currently owning it. In this way, creators can solicit funding directly from their audience in a way that feels more direct, intimate, and democratic.

Our Mission

WHAT WE DOAnd how we do it

  • What's news: We cover the big stories of the day, but we broaden the definition of what's important.
  • Who's a newsmaker: We do not just cover people in high office or limit news to the partisan horse race for power. We think that people who fight for human rights and work for solutions are newsmakers.

SkyMoon combines real time news (organic news) from all local, state and federal government and rewards writers for writing news, articles, documentaries and editorial. It equally rewards readers for liking, reading, commenting and sharing. An important key to inspiring participation in any community, currency or free market economy is a fair accounting system that consistently reflects each person's contribution.

SkyMoon decentralized news ushers in a collaborative way to do news by breaking open the newsroom and empowering anyone and everyone to participate. Gathering sources, giving tips, funding the stories that matter, and ensuring open access to both Truthful and Transparent news is now something that everyone can play a part in.

We rewards both writers and readers

How you are rewarded


Read, Like, Dislike, Comment, Share, View & Listen


Goods & FIAT Currency

Safe Token App Features

How to Make your Voice Heard?

Organic News
Know your Representatives
Community Outreach
Community project monitoring
Bills and Online petition

About token

Token Sale

Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Token Allocation
  • 40% - Token Salee
  • 30% - Bounty & Airdrop
  • 10% - Team
  • 20% - Sale Reserve Fund
Fund Allocation
  • 60% - Exchange Liquidity Pool
  • 20% - Marketing & Sales
  • 15% - Development
  • 5% - Team & Operation

Our way

Road Map

2020 - October
  • SkyMoon Idea was conceived
  • Blue Print
  • Draft Business Plan
  • Power Point Presentation
2020 - November
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Approval
  • Sourcing
  • Wire Frames
  • SKM Company Formation
2020 - Dec
  • SKM Project Briefing
  • Landing Pages Design Begins
  • News Feed Page Start
2021 - April
  • Preparing for bounty
  • Preparing for airdrop
2021 - May
  • Airdrop Start
  • Probit listing schedule
2021 - june
  • Liquidity Addition
  • Partnerships
  • Staking
2021 - July
  • List Hotbit, Latoken
  • More Exchange Listing
  • Rewards
  • Offline Marketing
2021 - August
  • Airdrop Distribution
  • Listing in Huobi, BW, Mxc, Kucoin
  • More Exchange Listing
  • Integration of Own DEX
2021 - September
  • New Token Integration for SWAP
  • New CEX Listing
  • SkyMoon Web App Launch
2021 - October
  • Market Expansion
  • Web App Beta Launch
  • Testing complete
2021 - November
  • SkyMoon Mobile App Launch
  • Dex App Launch
  • Cex App launch
2021 - Decemeber
  • Global App Launching IOS and Android
  • Listing complete in tier - 1 in the time.
  • Listing in Binance
2022 - February
  • SkyMoon Mobile App Launch
2023 - Q4
  • Global App Launching IOS and Android


Frequency Asked Questions

  • How is content created on SkyMoon?

    SkyMoon news is written by ordinary users , professional and non-professional writers, and elections analysts and edited by seasoned editors before posting

  • Does SkyMoon have a political point of view?

    No. SkyMoon is nonpartisan. We are not affiliated with any political campaign or advocacy group. Our goal is for SkyMoon to be objective and nonpartisan. We think voters deserve to see the facts so they can make their own decisions. We are firmly committed to neutrality.

  • Can I trust your content?

    All SkyMoon content must be neutral, accurate, and verifiable. If you notice any errors, please bring them to our attention.

  • I'm a candidate or campaign staffer. How can I submit information to SkyMoon?

    You may participate in our Candidate Connection project to submit a photo, biography, video, or survey responses.

  • How can I contribute to SkyMoon?

    We'd love you to consider making a contribution! Or learn about other ways you can help.

  • What areas of politics does SkyMoon cover?

    Our content projects currently include:

    1. Elections
    2. Governmennt affairs
    3. Judiciary
    4. Senate
    5. Ballot measures
    6. Laws
    7. People and organizations that influence the political process
    8. History of initiative and referendum
    9. Public policy
    10. Influencers
    11. Fact checking

  • How to follow SkyMoon updates

    Connect with us!
    Twitter - @SkyMoonofficial
    Telegram - @skymoon_group
    Telegram Channel - @skymoon_channel
    Help & Support - support@skymoon.company

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